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Launch Event

Download the summary and extended version of the Launch Event notes!

Over the last year more than 30 different organisations involved in various aspects of development, across different sectors, have expressed an interest to engage with the Change Alliance initiative. This level of interest has resulted in the Foundation Group proposing the launch event for 2-3 December.

The Launch event was held following an Innovation Dialogue on “Being Strategic in The Face of Complexity – Implications for Global Development Capacities” (30 Nov – 1 Dec) organised by Wageningen University and Research Centre.  Many of those attending the Launch Event were also present at this Innovation Dialogue.

The Launch Event was financially supported by ICCO and Wageningen International, two of the founding partners of the Alliance.

Objectives of the Launch Event

The launch event aimed to provide a space for interested partners to engage in a creative and inspirational process of learning about each others work, deepening conceptual understanding and exploring opportunities for collaboration.

  1. Enable organisations interested in the Change Alliance to help shape the future focus and direction of the initiative.
  2. Establish an agenda of key learning questions, knowledge brokering needs  and capacity development support around which partners would like to collaborate.
  3. Explore, in depth, a set example stakeholder processes in which partners are involved and which may become action sites for the Change Alliance.
  4. Map the terrain of people, organisations, initiatives and ideas around which the Alliance can evolve.
  5. To explore future governance mechanisms and funding strategies.
  6. To explore actions for 2010