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Inspiring Change Event

From 1-3 December, the Change Alliance organises an Inspiring Change Event for organisations and individuals involved in complex change processes in multi-stakeholder settings. The Event takes place in Nairobi. ... [more]

published: 2010-10-18


Webinar: 8 competencies for network success

Join us on-line for a webinar Wednesday, March 31 on eight competencies key to network’s success. Description: Networks’ success depends upon developing “competencies” or skills, knowledge and attributes. Although these competencies are similar for non-network strategies, networks require approaches that differ significantly from traditional organizations. Realizing these differences is absolutely critical. Leadership, measuring impact, network development, communications, generative change, policy/advocacy, knowledge/learning, resource mobilization. Some Discussion Questions: 1. How do these competencies differ from ones for non-network organizations 2. Doesn’t the importance of the competency depend upon a network’s strategy? 3. How can these competencies be developed? Presenter: § Steve Waddell, Principal – NetworkingAction Time: 6:00am US/Canada Westcoast; 9 am EST, 14:00 UK, 15:00 Europe, 21:00 Philippines/Malaysia.

published: 2010-03-29 | tagged: network success

Steering committee meeting

We will gather in January

published: 2009-12-16

Innovation Dialogue - Strategy and Complexity

This seminar, an Innovation Dialogue, will bring together people working in the complex fields of sustainable business strategies, social entrepreneurship and international development. The aim is to bridge theory and practice by engaging leading thinkers with highly experienced practitioners. The two days will be structured to develop clarity about the principles, practices and capacities needed to bridge strategy and complexity. The Dialogue itself will be structured drawing inspiration from a diversity of new approaches for innovative engagement between different actors. We will explore these different strategies and find ways to link them with some of the most challenging questions global development is currently facing.

Please read the pre-announcement for more information and an indicative programme.

published: 2009-11-25

Change Alliance Launch Event

After the Innovation Dialogue, Wageningen UR will host the official launch of the Change Alliance. More information can be found here.

published: 2009-11-25