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What does the Alliance do?

We work to create the conditions and capacities for effective multi-stakeholder processes. We support specific stakeholder processes (action sites) and link these to a global learning platform, in which lessons learned are shared and new knowledge and understanding about these processes is created.

Our action sites are new or established multi-stakeholder processes in which the Alliance partner organisations are involved. Through access to expertise and knowledge, financial support and a practitioner network, the Alliance can strengthen and improve such initiatives and enable them to be developed, implemented and reflected upon with a depth and quality otherwise not possible.

The Global Learning Platform provides both physical and virtual spaces that enable learning, innovation and sharing across Alliance partners and initiatives. It also ensures that the work of the Alliance has a reach and impact beyond the Alliance itself. The platform enables practitioners, who would otherwise remain isolated, to come together with academic experts and experienced process leaders.

The Learning Platform focusses on adding value to the work of the individual members of the Alliance and shares its lessons learned with a wide audience. It  provides research, learning, knowledge management and capacity development functions that only become feasible and cost effective when supporting a wide network of partners.