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Governance and funding

Steering Group

The proposal for the Change Alliance evolved from discussions between Dutch based development oganisations and their partners, the Generative Change Community, the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Institute of Development Studies in the UK.

A Steering Group is currently guiding the development of the Alliance.

Secretariat and Support Network

Wageningen UR - Centre for Development Innovation is acting as a secretariat and knowledge broker for the Change Alliance. This work is being supported by its own knowledge development funding and start-up funding from ICCO. A wider network of individuals have also being playing an active support role.


Start-up funding is being provided by ICCO and Wageningen International. Funding is being sought from potential donors to support future work of the Alliance.

Change Alliance Guide 2010

Topic pictureBuilding on the December 2009 Launch Event, a new version of the Change Alliance Guide 2010 has been written. It is an evolving "rule book" where the organizational aspects of the Change Alliance are described. Hereby we invite you to read the guide and reflect on the content. We really appreciate your commitment and are looking forward to you reaction, which you can mail to or post in the discussion forum. The deadline for reactions on this version is set at March 10 (2010).