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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about the Change Alliance
FAQ about Action Inquiry Initiatives
FAQ about the Global Learning Platform

About the Change Alliance

1.    What is the aim of the Change Alliance?
2.    Why has the Change Alliance been established?
3.    What are the activities of the Alliance?
4.    Who participates in the Change Alliance and how?
5.    How is the Alliance governed?
6.    How will it be funded?

About the Action Inquiry Initiatives

1.    What does the Change Alliance mean by action inquiry?
2.    How can action inquiry within the Change Alliance add value to a specific change initiative?
3.    How can action inquiry in a specific change initiative contribute to the Global Learning Platform?
4.    What concrete outputs are expected from the action inquiry component of the Change Alliance?
5.    What are the anticipated outcomes of the action inquiry initiatives?
6.    What are the characteristics of a change initiative that are likely to make it a good candidate for action inquiry?
7.    How will the Change Alliance identify and select among potential sites, organizations and/or coalitions for action inquiry?
8.    Specifically, what might an action inquiry initiative with the Change Alliance look like?

9.    What other expectations would participation in the Change Alliance place on selected initiatives?
10.    If we are already doing action inquiry in change initiative, what can a link to the Change Alliance add?

About the Global Learning Platform

1.    What is the purpose of the global learning platform?
2.    Does the platform has its own learning agenda?
3.    What is the connection between the global learning platform and the action inquiry initiatives in the Change Alliance?
4.    What activities are envisioned for the global learning platform?
5.    Who will be involved and in what roles?
6.    What products will the global learning platform produce?