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About - What is the Change Alliance?

We are a global network of organisations who have a common goal of improving the conditions and capacities for effective multi-stakeholder and dialogue processes.

We recognise that many of the most urgent problems facing the world today - climate change; overcoming poverty and inequality; protecting biodiversity; tackling religious and ethnic divides and creating sustainable business models - are highly complex. This calls for a new dynamic in how government, citizens, businesses and civil society organisations work together. It also means rethinking how change happens in complex social systems and recognising the limitations of linear and top down approaches.

This is easily said. What is much more difficult is creating the understanding and skills needed by citizens, leaders, scientists and process facilitators to work with new approaches to change.

Members of the Change Alliance are committed to looking critically at their own successes and failures with multi-stakeholder processes.  We also seek to gain access to a wider network of expertise and support by linking with other organisations to explore the challenges we and they face. The program of the Alliance aims to deliver practical support on both these fronts to those who participate and to others involved in multi-stakeholder processes. This support will be through two main mechanisms: action inquiry initiatives and the global learning platform.